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Hello and thank you for visiting. My name is Jane, I am a wife, a mother,a friend, and fitness lover on a journey to improve myself while helping others grow in their own journeys. I have always been athletic but struggled with body image and even though I was somewhat fit my weight would fluctuate a lot.

In high school I played basketball and ran track I accomplished a lot in both sports by working my butt off. I would go to practice and workout at home to try to be the best. By my senior year I was totally burnt out. I had lost my drive and put on weight. As college approached I kept the mentality that I could out train bad nutrition and gained a little more weight which did not help my self-esteem. In 2006 I started my first real job. I was extremely busy at work and didn’t have time to eat so of course I lost weight. I started running again and joined a gym. I then met my now husband. He is my rock. We married in 2008 and like a lot of married couples we got “comfortable” we ate pizza all the time and laid around enjoying the newly wed life. I gained about 30 lbs. again!

In 2008 we decided it was time for an adventure and left Michigan to move to Utah to snowboard and live in the mountains. Thinking this would make us happier. It was an amazing experience and I started managing a gym while we were living there. I again started running and lost the weight again. We moved back to Michigan in 2010 and I ran a marathon it was on my bucket list before we started our family. I again gained the weight back right after the marathon was finished.

Then started our new journey trying to start a family. Between my weight fluctuations and marathon training my body was a mess. We tried for a year to get on our own then turned to infertitlty treatment to get pregnant. I think I tried like 10 different diets to help me get back to normal. After 9 rounds of clomid and 2 failed IUIs I was done. I needed a break and something new and wanted to start taking care of myself Inside and out. I was searching the internet and came apon beachbody. I think I looked at the workout a million times before decicing to start one. So I dove right in and started insanity. My husband joined me and we where loving it. No commutes to the gym and there lots of info on healthy eating. I then found I was pregnant with my son in November! We were thrilled. I took care of my body while pregnant and gained about 30 healthy pounds while pregnant and enjoyed every moment of it!

My first son was born in july 2012. We named him Landon Christian. He was the quietest little baby and was always smiling. He changed my world so much and made me want to be a healthy and great example for him. So After 3 months I was ready to finish the entire Insanity program this time. Well i did 3 rounds of it and lost all my baby weight plus 10 pounds! I felt amazing and loved that I didn’t have to find someone to watch my baby while I worked out at home. I also incorporated p90x to strengthen myself. I maintained my weight loss and was enjoying my workouts. And decided it was time to start gowing our family again. In September we tried for our second baby and boo I was pregnant!

Wesley Edwin was born in June of 2014. He is a total love and just like his brother always smiling, He is so easy going and like his brother changed me for the better. He has taught me to but others first

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Jane 2me

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Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love helping people and I love improving myself. As iron sharpens iron, so can two like minded people hone each other and develop each other's skills sets. Connect with me!