Review Of The 3 Day Refresh From BeachBody


Having a clean system takes commitment and the results are always rewarding. Beachbody’s dietary program, the 3-Day Refresh can cleanup your system in 3 days. This is a cleansing drink that can conveniently be taken in 3 days. The Refresh consists of high-protein shakes, digestive drinks, energizing healthy fats and a combination of fresh fruits and vegetables that can help raise your metabolism hence drop some pounds quickly but in a healthy way and break some bad habits.


Why take the 3-Day Refresh program


You can consider taking Beachbody’s Refresh program if:


  • You need a break from unhealthy eating.
  • You have never been a healthy eater but want to turn a new page on healthy eating.
  • You want to start on healthy eating habits for a new workout program.
  • You were on a good eating habit but you have recently fallen off your regime and need some help to get back on.
  • You want a change from fad diets or liquid fats that don’t seem to work.
  • You need more energy.
  • You want to drop size for a coming event.
  • You want your clothes to fit well.

3 – Day Refresh Program


The 3-Day Refresh should be taken in 3 days. Here is how the program should be taken for 3 days:

Breakfast – it is recommended that you take the Shakeology with 10 oz of water. You can as well choose to eat 1 serving of fruit like strawberry which you could eat separately or blend together with the shake. The Shakeology vegan options are recommended.

Mid-morning – you should take the Fiber Sweep mixed with water. This should only be taken once in each of the 3 days and its only 8 oz. Fiber Sweep thickens fast almost to an oil state, it is advised that you mix it well and take it promptly.

Lunch – you should take the Vanilla Refresh which is a protein powder with a good taste. This should be mixed with water, a fruit option, 1 serving of vegetable which can also include a serving of healthy fat.

Mid-Afternoon – A single serving of veggies with a healthy fat is allowed. For instance, a cucumber and an avocado could do.

Dinner – a second helping of Vanilla Refresh with water and a vegetable serving and a healthy fat are allowed. A fruit helping is not recommended at this time.


No caffeine of any form is allowed in the 3-Day Refresh program, if you have to take tea, only take caffeine-free green tea.

The 3-Day Refresh Kit Contents


The 3-Day Refresh complete kit comes with:


  • Shakeology for breakfast – Shakeology contains strong superfoods. The drink has Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition to start each day of your Refresh program. This will improve the performance of your body’s organs, maximize energy and also maintain good blood sugar levels. The shake is available in a choice of 6 flavors and also includes vegan options.
  • Vanilla fresh shakes for lunch and dinner – this is a protein-rich delicious formula that contains over 20 grams of whole plant-based protein that will prevent hunger, probiotics for good digestion, potato protein extract to satisfy your appetite and 22 essential minerals and vitamins.
  • Fiber sweep drink – this helps eliminate waste from your digestive system. It’s a blend of psyllium seed husks, whole ground flax and chia. Fiber sweep is low in cholesterol and saturated fat and can therefore help lower the risk of coronary heart disease, lower cholesterol and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Program guide – this is a comprehensive guide that will instruct you on how the 3-Day Refresh functions, how to prepare your body for the Refresh and what to expect. The guide also instructs you on how to make a shopping list and includes recipes for fresh natural juices, a menu planner with various nutritious, tasty and easy-to-make meals as well as a list of veggie and fruit options.

BeachBody’s 3-Day Refresh combines of 3 daily shakes, filtered water, fiber drink and a variety of vegetables, fresh fruits and healthy fats to give you energy and a strong metabolism throughout the day. The plan is very easy to follow.


3-Day Refresh Results


Unlike other cleanse programs that leave you light-headed, hungry and with low energy, the 3-Day Refresh program is different.


After the 3 days of a strict follow-up of the program, you can drop up to 3 pounds. You will also have a reduced waistline. Your sleep will also improve and the cravings for junk food will go away. Even after completing the program, you wouldn’t want to fill your body with impurities.


Final tips on the 3-Day Refresh


Here are some final tips on the 3 Day refresh.


  • Plan what you eat – it is important to know what you will be eating for your meals and snacks. Putting your foods in separate labeled containers will reduce the urge to eat anything you find in the fried for lunch or dinner.
  • The Refresh program helps you drink enough water if you had not been doing so.
  • If you get hungry, just drink water. After all, the program is only for 3 days.
  • The 3-Day Shake is a low calorie cleanse, don’t expect to get filled up.
  • You can workout during the 3-Day cleanse but you should avoid any intense workout because the 3-Day Refresh program is very low on calories.
  • You will sleep better than before after finishing the program.
  • The 3-Day Refresh is not a fast, you only need to be keen on what you are eating. 75% of the food is already provided in the pack.


If you wish to jumpstart your diet, then the BeachBody’s 3-Day Shake is an ideal program. It’s very easy to follow the plan and the meal options are varied to help you make something healthy and tasty. The drinks are also tasty.


Anyone can try the shake whether they are eating healthy or not. BeachBody offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t like the drink.

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