Beachbody 21 Day Fix Review

With the 21 day fix you can eat what you like, but learn how to make those food choices better. Learn portion control and learn that food is first and foremost FUEL FOR YOUR BODY. I know this is tough, and as a fellow foodie, I thought I would have to give up all the foods I love. Not the case, in the Twenty One Day Fix (not the extreme) you can enjoy chocolate, a glass of wine etc.

This is all about sustaining a lifestyle and plan that you can LIVE BY and live with. Not a crash diet that you will rebound from at the end of it and go back to eating the same way. This is a launching pad, a platform that will help you shape and create new habits from which your new healthier you can take shape.

Get The 21 Day Fix From Beachbody

Everybody differs and certainly each person will slim down differently.  The most significant thing which you want to keep in mind is that this is really all about changing up your eating habits and sometimes it is going to be hard especially during the holiday season or family events. Clearly, to form a program in this way, you’ll need to most likely stop eating at restaurants and prepare your own food. So, if you want to complete the 21 Day Fix  you need to commit and take action.

Commit To The 21 Day Fix Program

We’ve heard this argument about commitment again and again. To me that is the secret to success within this fitness journey. It’s possible for You to do it using a accountability, hard work, and the proper coaching. After the 21 day fix is complete, then have fun, indulge, and relish the journey to your own goals- because you’ll delight in reaching them. If you prefer to read about my preceding day with P90X, clickhere. Bear in mind this isn’t just 90 days, this is a new lifestyle.

Is The 21 Day Fix Hard To Follow?

It’s not hard to follow, plus it seems as I am eating constantly. You really don’t desire to get to the point where you’re full or over over eat. That is clearly a misconception when folks say they will never be hungry again. If you are used to eating until you are stuffed, then this program will be a major deviation. You will eat in portion controlled containers. These containers are color coded to make sure that you easily understand what protein goes in which (red container), fruit (purple container), carbs (yellow container), veggies (green container), fats (blue container), seeds and salad dressings (orange).

I found that having this color coded system was super simple to use when traveling or simply keeping my portion control at on point at home. If you have a social engagement and see other people eating “fun things”, there are occasions once you will feel discouraged. However you need to remember why you started the 21 day fix program.  You wanted to make a change, and to get different results you need to do things differently not just slump back into what is comfortable.

Here are Common Obstacles To Completing The 21 Day Fix

On some occasions, you just don’t have enough time. This is the main excuse especially for busy moms. As a stay at home mom, I feel like I am always running after my two boys, and now we have a third one on the way as of 7-7-16 when I wrote this.  We are always running to get groceries, to play groups, to church events, to pre school and any other things that busy moms have to take care of.

It’s hard. Well if it was easy then everyone would look like a super model.  Frankly the 21 Day Fix is not easy, but it is worth it.  Easy is eating what is on your kids plate (mac and cheese).  Easy is taking a nap when your kids are taking a nap.  Easy is not measuring out your food. Easy is having that glass of wine, or 3 right before bed.  But you want to make a change in your life for the better, so make the difficult choice and choose success.

There is not enough food. Well this is just flat wrong. Have you ever tried to eat what feels like an entire tub of spinach in one day? Well, its not quite that much, but trust me when you eat the required amount of veggies, proteins, fruits, carbs, and fats you will not be deprived of food.


Why You Should Do The 21 Day Fix

It’s laid out for you. The 21 Day fix is a 3 week reprogramming of your body.  Ever wonder why the 21 day fix is not 30 days?  Many experts agree that it takes 3 weeks to reprogram your body and mind into forming new habits while breaking old ones. If you are sick, of not having enough energy, are looking to feel and look better, then getting healthy is the best place to start.

Mommy Makeover. Instead of opting to go under the needle after having your kid(s), see where clean eating and exercise can get you.  With a clean diet and a workout program you can achieve amazing results when they are applied together. Plastic Surgery and Mommy Makeover packages typically cost thousands of dollars.  The 21 Day Fix Program from Beachbody is less than $60 dollars, which comes with the colored containers as well as the DVD program, and nutrition guide.  So you figure out what is a better option.

If you want to look better and be better and have struggled with food like many of us, (men and women) then you need to look at what choices you have made that have gotten you to where you are at.  If you lack structure in your nutrition and exercise, then having a structured program like the 21 Day Fix, where your diet and work outs are laid out for you, and you simply have to eat and “Push Play” can be the advantage that you need to achieve your fitness goals.

21 Day Fix ReviewI am a beachbody coach so if you feel that this review, which is as honest and unbiased as I can be has helped you and you decide to buy the 21 Day Fix Review, I would greatly appreciate you getting it through me.  Cheers to your success!

21 Day Fix Review

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