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Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix Extreme is suitable for individuals who like intensity in their workouts and want to get fit in 21 days. Anyone looking for a challenge can qualify for the 3 Week Fix Extreme program from Celebrity Trainer Autumn Calabrese. Athletes, 21 Day Fix graduates and people wanting to look fit for an upcoming event like a wedding, vacation, class reunion etc, will find the program very useful. Working out in and of itself is not enough for getting the results that you want to be “beach ready” or ready for your daily life.  However getting that physique you always wanted or getting back your figure after a baby but can be accompanied by a healthy nutrition which is laid out for you in this program and the containers tell you the right portions. It’s important to understand that 72% of maintaining and achieving a healthy weight comes from the diet you eat. Coming up with a healthy diet will therefore be a practical way of staying healthy.


21 Day Fix Extreme Program diet plan and 30 minutes intense exercise each day.

21 Day Fix EXTREME Workout – Rock A Serious Hardbody


Can I qualify for the 21 Day Fix Extreme Program if I want to lose a lot of weight? According to Beachbody, the 21 Day Fix Extreme Program is designed for people who don’t have a lot of weight to lose but those looking forward to get shredded, cut arms, ripped shoulders and toned legs. This means you are suitable to enroll for the program if you are losing only a small amount of fat. This is not to say that you cannot achieve massive weight loss with this program. You can and if you have the weight to lose, you will if you stick to the program. The Extreme Fix is designed for graduates of the Original 21 Day Fix Program, and who want something harder and more challenging as far as the workouts are concerned.

If you have been exercising, you will find it more manageable to hit your target weight. If you are however looking to lose that extra weight from winter time, post baby etc, you should not expect to see a 6 pack after  21 days. BUT… you will drop a significant amount of weight and improve your fitness level.  And a healthier you beyond abs and looking great in a swimsuit is what it REALLY IS ALL ABOUT.


What is the 21 Day Fix Extreme diet plan like?

21 Day Fix Containers—Calorie Free Modifications #2 | Autumn Fitness


With a monitored diet and nutrition plan, you can address your weight issues without compromising your health. The 21 Day Fix Extreme not only focuses on workouts but includes a diet-b=nutritional plan that will help you lose weight within a short time.  One Of the BIGGEST breakthroughs my family had when we did the 21 Day fix program originall was the colored container system and realizing that our portion control way HORRIBLE!  We ate really really well so the food was not an issue, but we ate way too many of the “healthy carbs” and not enough of the green veggies etc.  The program can help you organize your meals and also motivate you. It’s crazy that you can have Autumn “in your home” training you 1-1, without shelling out thousands of dollars.

This diet plan created by Beachbody and Autumn is designed to be easy to follow at home. The plan uses a color coded container system which makes it easier to organize your diet. This means you will have several containers of different colors and sizes.


What is a 21 Day Fix Extreme color coded container system?

Lose up to 15 pounds in only 21 days! | 21 Day Fix | Autumn Fitness


The 21 Day Fix program for home workout uses 7 containers that come in 6 different sizes and colors which will make losing weight easy and simple follow. This simply means that you should fill each container with the type of food you take. The food amounts filled in the containers should match your daily calorie needs.


21 Day Fix Container Sizes and colors


A 21 Day Fix Package contains:


  • 1 Red Container : For proteins
  • 1Yellow Container : For carbohydrates
  • 1 Green Container : For vegetables
  • 1 Purple Container : For fruits
  • 1 Blue Container : For healthy fats and cheeses
  • 2 Orange Containers: Seeds and dressings
  • 1 Shakeology Cup: For mixing drinks

It is important to fill each container with its respective type of food. This will ensure that you are not eating more or less of particular foods than you are supposed to for your daily requirements.

21 Day Fix Shakeology

How to Make Healthy Chocolate Mocha Shake—Shakeology Recipe | Autumn Fitness

Shakeology is a meal replacement that is meant to get rid of toxins from your body and help in the absorption of vital nutrients in the body. Shakeology is said to contain over 70 superfood ingredients from all over the world and many celebrities have endorsed it. I use it just about every day and I LOVE My Vegan Chocolate Shakeology. The Cafe Latte Shakeology is my new favorite but don’t worry chocolate you will always be my first love! This lifestyle change will help you achieve your dream body… if you stick with it. The 21 Day Fix Package comes with one Shakeology cup that will help you mix your ideal shakes or healthy drinks.

Target calories


Each day, you are supposed to eat certain amounts of calories to maintain a stable weight. To know the amount of calories that you should take, you can use the following formula:


  • Your current weight(lbs) x11=Your baseline
  • Your caloric need-750 (calorie deficit)=Your target calories
  • Your baseline + 400 (the Fix calorie burn)=Your Caloric need


Beachbody 21 Day Portion Fix includes all the color coded containers. The Shaker Cup and the Portion Fix Eating Guide. Just as defined on the 21 Day Fix eating plan, the containers have official measures and size. In addition to that, the containers are DEHP-free and BPA-free and are safe to use in your microwave and dishwasher. You can still buy the Beachbody Portion Control Seven Piece Container Kit and plan your meals.


21 Day Fix program eliminates the need to weigh or write down what you are eating, however I still write my stuff down on an old school notebook and check off the containers that I filled and met the eating requirements for the day. Your real work is only to know the number of containers of each type of food you can eat each day and fill them up. ACTUALLY, the real work is to try and eat ALL THE FOOD on the list. Seriously 6 servings of Veggies… I’ll be a bunny rabbit soon. You should organize the order of the containers you want to eat first. Planning 3 main meals which are breakfast, lunch and dinner is recommended. Having healthy snacks between your main meals is also good. Eating an extra green container between meals when you feel hungry is also helpful. Drinking water fills you up and will reduce the possibility of overeating between snacks or meals.


The 21 Day Fix Extreme is different from other programs which is why you should consider it in losing weight fast. The program stands out from many because:


  • It is a short-term – 21 days
  • It features 30-minute workouts
  • It’s intense
  • It comes with pre-measured portion containers
  • Comes with 1 Shakeology cup
  • Trained by Autumn Calabrese
  • It will guide you on precise amounts and types of foods to eat.
  • It will challenge you physically and mentally.


The 21 Day Fix Extreme Program can be very helpful for you if you are looking forward to lose some extra pounds within a short time and stay fit.

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