Hammer And Chisel Workout Review
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. What Is It All About? W/ Autumn and Sagi.

The BodyBeast himself Sagi Kalev and Celebrity Trainer, motivational mom and all around kick butt woman- Autumn Calabrese of the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme Fame; team up to deliver Beachbody’s Hottest And Most Anticipated At Home Workout Program in recent memory. As the name suggests the Hammer is brought by Sagi as he helps you build the muscle through his weight centric instructional videos, and Autumn sculpts that muscle as only she can.

Best At Home Workout program Hammer and Chisel, the Masters Program

As an artist or sculpture uses the hammer and chisel to define a body of work, so these two trainers use their own styles to deliver a program that is sure to give you the muscle and definition you are looking for. If you are looking to build results like a physique, fitness, figure, bikini or natural body builder competitor this program is right up your alley.

Not trying to step on stage? Don’t worry you don’t have to. However you might look so good after putting the work in, that you might just want to show off your amazing results! :)

What Will the Nutrition Plan for The Masters Hammer And Chisel Workout Look Like?

The meal plan will reflect the protein intake needed to gain lean muscle, enough carbs to keep you energized and help you recover, enough fats and greens to fuel your body properly. You receive containers that were popularized in the 21 Day Fix eating plan, where things are measured out in certain amounts with the nutrition book giving you a plan to follow based on goals as well as current body weight.

How Long Is the Hammer and Chisel Workout Program?

The program is 60 days of sweat dripping, muscle building, fat shredding hard work. Oh yeah, don’t forget to have fun with it. These trainers certainly do. Workouts range from 20 minutes to 45 minutes in length including warm ups and cool downs.

What Are The Benefits of The Program?

You will gain power, endurance, flexibility, balance and agility. If you stick to the eating plan and do the workouts, you will get incredible results. The test group has reported back INSANE RESULTS from their experience. After completing the workout by Autumn and Sagi you will gain increased self confidence and an overall knowledge that you can achieve breakthroughs in your fitness. Often those break throughs carry over into your work, and family life, helping you achieve happiness and sense of well being.

Beachbody's Autum and Sagi Kalev Team up to film the Masters Hammer and Chisel Workout

Where Can I Get The Masters Hammer and Chisel?

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My Review of The Hammer And Chisel Workout

Beachbody coaches got an early optin for the program, and I can tell you that only a few workouts in, and I am loving this program. The first DVD where they introduce each other is kind of awkward as they both, Autum and Sagi, have such different styles of motivating and talking to the camera, but once you get past that intro video, you get to see how these two Masters really shine.

As I mentioned above, Sagi the Hammer and Autumn the Chisel really deliver in this program. There are a few things that I would recommend getting if you do not have them already, so let’s get into What Equipment Do I need for Hammer And Chisel Workout?

Equipment Needed-

  • Pull Up Bar or door jam that you can thread a band through to simulate a pull up or lat pull down
  • Weight Bench- chairs will do for a variety of instances, but having a Workout Bench will make these workouts that much easier.
  • Dumbells- depending on your strength you will probably want weights from 5lbs-45. You might be really strong and can do heavier, but the sheer volume of the exercises is quite daunting to do heavier. For instance my husband can incline chest press 100lb dumbells 6-8 times for 3 or 4 sets, but he doesnt relaly do much more than 45lb’s on these workouts because the speed at which they are performed and almost no rest in between sets.
  • Exercise bands- having a low, medium and high resistance band will make your workouts that much better

I have noticed that my legs are much more sore than they have been in other beachbody workouts sans, Insanity Asylum. Plyo day is especially tough on the legs. I can see why Beachbody brought these two trainers together, with this program I see myself developing more defined muscle and still be able to maintain my cardio, which for an at home weight lifting program, I thought would be almost impossible. The pace at which they attack the workouts, is commendable and the people in these videos are straight up jacked.

If you found this insight helpful and would like to buy it from a Beachbody Coach, please consider buying Hammer And Chisel from me.

Cheers To A Healthier You,

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Jane 2me is a NASM, National Association of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, mother of two, and an independent beachbody coach.
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Hammer And Chisel Workout

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