Cize-The End Of Exercise by Shaun T And Beachbody

Shaun T Cize it UP


Ever wished to have a workout program that you can perform from the comfort of your home and still feel motivated? If you have been dreaming of such a workout, then Cize from BeachBody is exactly what you need. Cize is a workout program that almost resembles Zumba but in a modern version. The program combines fitness moves and contemporary hip music that will make you fit. Shaun T is Cize’s instructor who has a good reputation in the dance community. He will guide you through the moves in the workout program in Cize DVDs. The low impact moves are easy to learn and if you seriously practice for 4 weeks, you can lose 15 to 20 pounds without even realizing it.

The Cize performance guide


On each Cize workout, Shaun T explains the first move which you should slowly repeat along. You only need to do a couple of repetitions before you increase your speed. You should then proceed and learn the next move with the same pace as the first move. When you learn the second move, Shaun will add another move and the sequence of repeating the moves and increasing your tempo continues.

The Cize program contents


Unlike some workout programs that are quite confusing, Cize comes packed in a neat case which includes:

  • A Get started guide
  • 7 Day Cize down guide – this is a guide that will help you with recipes, shopping lists and useful tips to drop weight fast
  • 3 CDs with main workouts – 2 workouts per CD
  • The 8 count abs CD
  • 2 calendars – Beginner and advanced
  • Nutrition guide Eat-UP!
  • A weekend survival guide – this will help you manage through boring weekends in a healthy way especially if you have nothing to do.

If you purchase Cize program challenge pack through a BeachBody coach, you will enjoy an online streaming of the workouts and a 30 day supply of Shakeology. This will allow you to workout anywhere.

Other exclusive packs come with 2 additional workouts plus a pair of weighted wristbands.

How the 2 Cize calendars work


Cize calendar gives you 2 options of workout. The first calendar is the beginner one while the second is the advanced.

The first workout session is called Crazy 8s. If you manage to complete the session well, you can choose to be either in the beginner or advanced calendar. If you find yourself stumbling a lot, don’t fret, put yourself together and practice the beginner, you will soon be good enough to advance.

The calendars only differ in the way the workouts are programmed in the 4 weeks. To tailor the workout to your program, you can first learn the moves and then compile your own songs after you are through with the program.

The Cize nutrition


Like all BeachBody workouts, Cize comes out with a nutrition blueprint. The workout guide is called Eat-UP! The diet plan is very simple to follow. It’s just a list of some do’s and don’ts as well as some ingredients and healthy recipes that you can make.

Cize diet plan features the simple original guide and the deluxe kit which includes the food portion control program borrowed from 21 Day Fix (this is another BeachBody workout).

Advantages of Cize workout program


By buying a Cize DVD, you will have a lot to enjoy compared to most workout programs. Some advantages include:

  • 24/7 support line
  • The DVDs are much affordable compared to buying costly workout devices or machines.
  • The dance instructor Shaun T is very friendly and dedicated in teaching users how to dance and workout at the same time. His choreographed dance moves are awesome and you will not want to stop once you get on your feet.
  • Cize dance routines are step-by-step. The 6 courses are very easy to master. You simply start with the Crazy 8s session and dance your way to your ideal weight.
  • The additional materials that come with Cize DVDs which include the detailed start guide, meal plan and a calendar help you manage your progress.
  • It is easy to buy Cize DVDs and start the workouts right away.

Where to buy the Cize workout DVDs


If you are interested in working out in a fun way, you can consider buying Cize DVDs to learn some cool dance moves that will help you slash off some extra pounds and stay fit.

You can buy the DVDs from online retail stores but by buying from BeachBody’s site, you can enjoy the advantage of:

  • 4 free bonuses which include: the Get started guide, workout calendars, meal plan and 8 count abs workout
  • 6 dance workouts
  • Access to BeachBody forums that will afford you round the clock online support
  • Free pair of cool socks after you send them your before and after photos of the workout. You will find some tips on how to take and send the pictures in the material you receive
  • 2 free gifts which include a 7 day Cize down with a low calorie menu and a weekend survival guide
  • 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your results, you can get a refund of your money for buying the workout program.

If you prefer, you can pay for the workout program in 3 monthly installments from the official website instead of paying upfront. The other choice to buy is to make a single payment option. With such a great deal offered by BeachBody, what else would you ask for when it comes to buying a workout program? Simply head to the site and gain the value of your money.

Sizing down to an ideal weight does not have to be painful and time consuming. Get your copy of Cize DVD and train from the confines of your home. If you are serious with the workout and the recommended meal plan, you will actually require little or no visit to the gym. It all takes mastering the hot 6 dance workouts as directed by Shaun T in Cize DVDs.

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