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The Focus T25 workout is a DVD workout program by BeachBody designed to transform your body into a great shape. The instructor of the workout program is Shaun T, a renowned personal trainer. He is said to have made the Focus T25 workout for the CEO of BeachBody, Carl Daikeler to help him stay in great shape while still coping with a busy schedule. Shaun has helped thousands of people lose weight and stay fit. If you are finding it challenging to workout because of your busy schedule, then T25 workout can be very useful.


Who is Focus T25 Workout for?


If you are interested in losing some pounds but lack sufficient time to do it, then Focus T25 is right for you. The BeachBody workout is designed in a way that an hour’s workout is squeezed into 25 minutes for busy people to workout. If you work for many hours in a week or you are a busy mom with limited time to workout. The program will help you to workout right from the comfort of your home. With the workout, you can get an hour’s worth of results in just 25 minutes. The workout is really sweaty and has zero rest but you will really be burning fat from its intensity.


Contents Of Focus T25 Workout Program


  • A quick start guide
  • T25 workout schedule – you only have to workout 5 days a week
  • 11 25-minute workout DVDs
  • A Wall Size Workout Calendar – this will help you to monitor your daily progress
  • A 5 Day Fast Track Guide
  • Workout 15 pound resistance band – this is the only equipment you will need for the workout that will replace dumbells
  • T25 Nutrition Meal Plan – the meal plan will give you a convenient meal planning


The Focus T25 calendar


The Focus T25 calendar is very easy to follow. In the first month which is the Alpha phase, you will know which workout you are supposed to do each day. For instance, Fridays are meant for taking 2 videos back to back while Saturdays are intended for rest and Sunday for stretching. Take note that stretching is not exercise but a treat for your body.

The Beta phase which is the second phase also has its own calendar. The T25 calendar has 2 boxes under every workout. One is for “nailed it” and the second is for “barely made it.” By checking out these 2 calendars, you will get a better understanding of your progress.


The real Focus T25 Workout Program


Your body transformation will need full dedication to the Focus T25 Workout program. You only need 25 minutes each day. To successfully complete the program, you will need to begin with the Alpha Cycle and finish with the Beta cycle.


Alpha Cycle


This is where your transformation begins. The cycle includes:


  • Cardio – this starts slowly and gradually increases tempo. The workout focuses on your lower body and prepares your calves and quads. It also targets your lower abs and can burn abdominal fat. The cardio is sweat-drenching.
  • Speed 1.0 – this workout is fast-paced for fast results. There is a lot of leg work which will improve your speed, balance, agility and jumping power. Other than improving the results on your lower body, Speed provides a lot of cardio.
  • Total body circuit – this focuses on strength and resistance and you will not lift any weight. This workout basically introduces you to exercises and they repeat themselves which adds more intensity. Other complex movements such as the shoulder tap push-up, spider lunge, plank walk and a jump into a squat pose are introduced. In short, the Total body circuit focuses more on the upper body and is a great introduction to the Beta Cycle.
  • Stretch – this is 25-minute flexibility routine that involves relaxing of muscles.
  • Lower focus – this workout targets your lower body muscles especially the thighs and butt area to burn fat.


By the end of the Alpha phase, you will feel and notice some change in your body. You will feel more energized, conditioned, sleep better and even take up tasks that you never used to before enrolling in the workout program. You will also have a defined abdomen and lose extra fat on your waist area and thighs.


By the end of 5 weeks, you will have dropped over 10 pounds and have more muscle tissue as opposed to fatty tissue on stubborn fatty areas of your body.


Beta Cycle


After 5 weeks of practicing the Alpha Cycle, you will be good to progress to the Beta Cycle. Here is what the Beta Cycle includes:


  • Core cardio – this is a cardio-core workout aimed at getting you ripped fast
  • Speed 2.0 – these are core-focused speed drills aimed at burning much calories.
  • Rip’ T Circuit – you have to repeat this exercise in 25 minutes for cardio and to workout your upper body, legs and abs.
  • Dynamic core – this is a dynamic core routine where you are required to go from vertical to horizontal and repeat the routine.
  • Upper focus – to develop your upper body, you need to focus and Shaun T is there to guide your every move.


By the end of the Beta Phase, you will have the body of your dreams and feel more energized and flexible. It all takes your commitment and a follow up of the T25 meal plan. Each recipe in the meal plan only includes 5 ingredients which only take 5 minutes to prepare. This is ideal for people with busy schedules like you.


Since affording an hour or more of exercise is still a challenge for many, Focus T25 workout is all you need to get the same results in a normal workout in 25 minutes.


You can have 24/7 access to fitness experts from BeachBody who will help you stay motivated in your fitness journey.


Nothing will get you motivated like getting ripped fast when it comes to having a great shape. Just get the Focus T25 DVDs and let Shaun T be your teacher in helping you achieve your dream body.

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