The Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review

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Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset is a regimented cleanse program that can help you deal with your bad eating habits and improve your health. This is not an ordinary detox or a simple 3 day cleanse but a full 21-day cleanse that will detoxify your system while providing essential nutrients. The Reset eliminates harsh laxatives and fast diets. You will be on good diet in the whole of the program and even lose some weight without working out. The Ultimate Reset has a detailed meal plan that follows a schedule to help you overcome bad habits. You will be eating healthy throughout the program and you will likely keep your new trend even after the end of the 21-day program. This program is on DVD and can be taken from home and will not interfere with your daily activities.


The Ultimate Reset Program


The Ultimate Reset Cleanse program is divided into 3 phases which are shown in the DVDs. These are:


  1. Reclaim phase – this is the first phase that prepares your body and adjusts your body’s chemistry for the coming change from the new diets and few exercises especially if you have not been working out.
  2. Release phase – this phase gets rid of all harmful impurities from your body taken from the bad food that you have been eating.
  3. Restore phase – this phase is aimed at increasing your metabolism through diets and a few exercises.


All of the 3 phases play an important role in improving your health which will leave you feeling better.


Who can qualify for the Ultimate Reset?


If you are having challenges in getting to a good nutrition, then the program is right or you. Bad eating habits like food obsession and emotional eating can be overcome with the program.


The Ultimate Reset is ideal for people who are looking forward to start on a new fitness or nutrition program.


Giving your body a break from workout or bad eating once in a while promotes good health. Taking the Ultimate Reset cleanse at least once in a year cleanses and gives your muscles time to repair from any injuries incurred in intense workouts.

Athletes wishing to improve their performance can as well consider taking the 21 day cleanse. Isabelle Daikeler, Ultimate Reset co-creator confirmed that a group of Olympic level athletes took the 21-day Ultimate Reset program­ and a majority of them were concerned about not working out for 21 days, but actually their results improved.


The Ultimate Reset will put you on a 14 day vegan diet that consists of fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods are not only nutritious but also have cleansing properties useful for your body which is all the program is about. This means doing away with unhealthy eating of processed foods for a healthy body. In simple terms, the program will help you focus more on conscious eating rather than emotional eating.


Benefits of the Ultimate Reset Cleanse


The Ultimate Reset will benefit your health if you follow its recommendations. Some health benefits of the body cleanse include:


·         An option to eat 3 meals a day, so you will not be starving throughout the program.

·         Improved digestion – since the Ultimate Reset advocates for taking plenty of drinking water, it is good to take a gallon each day. Water will help in the cleansing process by flushing out toxins from your body. Water also improves your digestion. Taking water even after the 21-day program is therefore essential for your health.

·         Improved energy – after the Ultimate Reset program, you will not feel cranky anymore. Your concentration at work will improve and you will be able to get enough sleep.

·         Time off from workout – in the 21 days of the cleansing program, you can break from your workout and get back after completing the program.

·         The Ultimate Reset comes with an ingredients list and a cook book with numerous easy to prepare meals.

·         You will learn new and healthy eating habits.

·         The BeachBody’s 21-day cleanse is not a quick-fix cleanse and will not include meal replacement that will starve you or juice-only options that will make you frequent the bathroom.


Contents of the Ultimate Reset Cleanse


If you buy the BeachBody’s Ultimate Reset Cleanse, you will be able to receive:


·         2 DVDs that will help you start on the program that includes a cooking class. The DVDs are easy to follow up and there is a coach to help you understand the cleanse program.

·         6 potent supplements to revitalize, oxygenize, mineralize, alkalinize, optimize and detox your body.

·         A nutritional guide book that includes a 21-day eating plan with recipes, cooking tips and shopping lists.

·         A Reset bracelet for you to wear throughout the program so that you stay motivated in keeping up with the diet and rebuilding your body

·         A “cleanse caddy” travel pouch that makes it convenient to stay with your supplements wherever you go.


The Final Results Of The Ultimate Reset


BeachBody’s Ultimate Reset has notable results which you will be glad to achieve after a successful completion of the program. In as early as 2 weeks, you will have an improved mood, more energy and your digestion will also be improved. Other changes will be noticed after 3 weeks when you complete the cleanse program. Other useful results to look forward to include:


·         Reduced weight – you could lose over 15 pounds over the 21 days if you keenly follow the instructions of the Ultimate Reset nutrition program.

·         Clearer skin

·         Muscle tone is not lost

·         A drop in cholesterol

·         Reduced body fat

·         Improved performance on workouts

·         Improved sleep – 7 to 8 hours of sleep

·         Reduced dress size.


The BeachBody’s Ultimate Reset Cleanse requires 21 days investment of your time and buying the DVDs. Following the cleanse program seriously has notable results that you will see and feel. You can also consider getting the challenge pack that comes with a 30 day supply of Shakeology. This will help you to continue nourishing your body, look and feel great even after completing the 21-day cleanse program.

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